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Our believe is that every person should strive to consume completely natural food products that are processed as little as possible, contain no synthetic additives and preservatives and are result of a natural farming. We also believe that short supply chains and the consumption of local products are more beneficial for ourselves as well as for our environment. Therefore, for our nut and seed butters, we aim to use mainly local and mostly Bulgarian agricultural raw materials handled by the care of our fertile land, and where it is not possible - from the nearest localised sources of natural raw materials. By purchasing our nut and seed butters, you get a tasty, natural product, and more, you promote local sustainable production and agriculture.


In our production we use traditional methods of processing nut and seeds, e.g. a lot is done by hand, and also the most natural way of grinding - by means of a stone mill that is more gentle to the nuts and seeds compared to the conventional blenders. Thus, the process helps the preservation of the beneficial substances, vitamins and minerals that are naturally contained in the nuts and seeds, as well as the fatty acid composition of the final product. The heat treatment is minimal, at lower temperatures and for extended time, usually just to unlock the aroma of the particular culture.

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